Muscular Therapy

Kym offers muscular therapy treatments of 1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours in length, which can include specific work on particular areas of tension, general massage to relax the entire body, or a combination of both.

After discussing your health history and goals, a meaningful muscular treatment incorporating aspects of deep tissue massage, myofascial release therapy, trigger point therapy, sports massage, and abdominal therapy will be created just for you, to work with the integrity of the muscles and attachments in a focused and deliberate way, to provide relief from the effects of stress, injury, repetitive use, and discomfort.

Self-care techniques are also taught, which can help extend the benefit of the muscular work.

Traditional Maya Abdominal Therapy

Traditional Maya Abdominal Therapy is external muscular therapy and intuitive touch designed to gently reposition reproductive organs, restore vitality to digestive organs; and encourage muscular fluidity, circulation, and homeostasis to the body as a whole.

Abdominal Therapy has been used traditionally in the Maya culture of Central America to aid in the healing of symptoms such as menstrual pathology, chronic headaches, fertility issues, chronic low back pain, digestive problems, sleep troubles, anxiety, prostatitis, urinary pathology, and other related maladies.

An initial treatment with Kym typically lasts 2 hours, and includes a thorough health intake, muscular treatment on the entire body, with special focus of the lower back, hips, and upper and lower abdomen, and a lesson in abdominal self-massage specifically designed to increase and extend the benefit and efficacy of the treatment.

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